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Loveday 4x4 Riverland Challenge 2008

Written by Thomas Paine, photo's by Beverley and video by Robin (editing by Thomas).

Friday we got there at 3pm, done scrutineering. Friday night we helped some of our competition (81 green wagon called Kermit) change a clutch. Saturday morning we then helped another Subaru driver (driving a red EA81 wagon completely stock) grease up his disty and plug up the grill.
Racing started at 11am
Started off bad, first heat about 30meters in my brother drove into a large hole... Floated for a bit then sunk 10".. Engine died as soon as we touched the water. The water above the seats and that cooled us off for the rest of the day.
Next was my turn, hit the jump and broke a strut top rubber, finished the lap still. Got back to the pits and after a talk with the guy who raced the last Subaru at this event we decided to reinforce the strut tops. So we welded some straps across the tops to stop the shocker pushing through the rubber.. Brothers turn next and we hit the jump again, this time ripping both strut tops and breaking our strapping of reinforcing. So we welded some thick plate in place for the next day.
Night drags was just for fun as the timing systems had failed. Got 3 runs, 2 against another subaru (Kermit) and one against a 40series Landcrusier with a v8. Only just got beat by the 40 and beat Kermit by a lot.
Then came sunday. We started heat 4 (first of sundays runs) on the outer start line for the first time and I wasn't sure how to hit the jump so I went AFAP (as fast as possible.....) Broke our plated strut tops and bent both seats. Also winded me and I couldn't breath for about 20seconds or more till the next corner which was over another large hill and a bunch of tractor tyres (I wasn't sure if I had to stop or not). But I continued and finished the lap. Next lap we took easy and same with the final heat. We were in 3rd place in the points in our class by then and got into the semi finals. We beat the 4runner we were racing in the semis only just and thus got into the finals against a mate (Dougie) in his shorty MQ patrol. Apparently the crowed was unhappy with us taking it easy in the last 3 laps so I told my Brother (was his turn for finals) to hit the jump, not hard but get air. So we got some air and broke the strut tops again. Also because the shockers were slowly bending over the whole weekend it popped out on the right side and stopped us on the finals 3/4 thru the lap. So it was a 2nd place in class.
Enjoyed it a lot and will be trying to get to the next one for sure. Won some prizes and had sh** loads of fun.






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