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1989 Subaru Brumby, Bobbed front and rear
Written by Thomas Paine - Phizinza
This conversion has been posted on the USMB forum. Check out the post here!

I was talking to my brother and he said he wants a Subaru to be able to climb this slope he has near his garage. The thing about the slope is it needed a lot better entry angle then a Subaru had. So I started thinking on ideas for bobbing the front of the Brumby (or Subaru Brat as you may know it.) I have thought on this before and decided you could take quite a bit off if you used a 6" lift and mounted the radiator above the engine sticking part out of the hood. This would also require reinforcing the front of the car as close to the engine as possible. Cutting down pannels and all of that would be easy. But why stop at the front? Most people only bob the back of there Brats/Brumbys. So I thought, may as well take that back as far as you can go. I looked at the frame and decided if you use a fuel cell you could go as far as I did in the picture. Although you may still be able to keep the fuel tank where it is if you gaurd it on the back of the car.

This is my Subaru Brumby. It has a 2" lift, 27" kumho M/Ts, and a couple of other mods.

This is the first step. Now it has about 12-14 inches cut out of the rear. And about 6" cut out of the front. A bit of fender trimming and some new control arms to push the front wheels forward for the next step. The bullbar is modified as well.

What I used and how I used it. For this photochop I used a free program that came with my scanner. Its called iPhoto Express, its a cut down version of iPhoto 4. I used the "Clone" tool. The "Clone" tool is great, just select a part of the picture and then past that part all over the place. Its very good for creating new bushes, plants, and background. But its also very useful with reshaping the car, as it can keep the shading right. I also used the "Smudge" tool a lot. It is good for softening up the look of the "Cloned" area,
This photochop took about an hour. Sorry if it's a little rough, I didn't think it needed to look perfect. I hope I am giving you all interesting ideas.

This is the 6" lifted one. It's running 30" Kumho Mud Terrains. Along with a T-case swap. Compare the entry and exit angles to my Brumby... Nice eh? Although you can't see a radiator sticking out the hood, I assure you the real thing would need it. Around 1-2 inches out of the hood I think.

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