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83 Subaru Leone 4dr 4WD
CD Player Install

As said in my Previous article, Fender Cutting, I installed custom adjustable radius rods. This is to change the horrid negative caster to positive. Here is a picture that try's to explain why this is a good mod.

So now you know why, this is how I done it:
I got radius rods from a 81 Toyota Crown which is a Sixth generation. But these being only available in Australian, Japan and some UK areas you may be able to do what I done and look around all different cars in the wreckers to find something appropriate. These radius rods had a hockey stick end with two holes. They have a long threaded end so they are adjustable. And using the closest hole to the threaded end and drilling another in between at the right spacing of Subaru's rod I made myself a Radius rod that was 19mm longer up to 40mm longer then standard Subaru one. Because EA82 and EA81's use the same radius rods this all applies to the EA82 body style as well.

Comparison of Subaru and Toyota Crown Radius Rods. Trimmed and drilled

The one problem I ran into while doing this is when you push the control arm forward the holes no longer line directly up with the radius rod mount to the body. So the newly drilled hole needed to be slotted so as I could adjust the rod. Once this was done I bolted them in, set them to 25mm longer (I found this to be a good compromise between positive caster and added angle to the driveshafts). I also found I needed to jack the wheel forward to fit the rod which is a minimum of 19mm longer.

This is standard rod versus Toyota rod at 25mm longer.

Doing this radius rod mod I gained positive caster which is good for driving hard and fast and also very good for dirt roads and sand. I also didn't need to cut or bash the fender or fender wall to fit my 27" M/T tyres. My large tyres do however rub on the battery tray area in the guard.

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Written by Thomas Paine




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