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83 Subaru Leone 4dr 4WD – CD Player Install

Installing a CD player in an old Subaru isn’t as easy as other cars. Subaru obviously decided to be mindless drones when they made it so the space between the console and heater box as too small to fit a standard depth radio of the time and now cd player. Using the Sedans console piece I made a spacer for the CD player out of wood because it is easy to work with. I then wired the cdplayer’s constant battery wire to the ignition switch plug. Add some paint and done!





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I bought my first Subaru back in 2005, it was a 89 Brumby, flair red. I lifted it, fitted Kumho 27″ MT’s. After a while I swapped the dual carb EA81 it had with an EJ22 bolted on a custom gearbox which used EJ D/R casing, EA82 5sp low range and an RX centre locking diff. Once I sold the Brumby I got a 83 Leone. Converted it to 4WD, put the Kumho’s on it, added a 5sp and drove it like I stole it. I then upgraded to a 99 Outback. It was hail damaged so I repaired it myself. I fitted it out with some storage and a mattress. I now have a 87 Brumby that I’ve resprayed with two pack urethane in Waratah Red. I am planning to fit an EJ with PT gearbox and a little bit of lift. It’s another project in progress.

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November 8th, 2008 by Phizinza
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