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EJ22 conversion Exhaust System

Getting the exhaust perfect is a very important part on an offroad Subaru. It needs to be able to tuck up under the body as close as you can get it to avoid damage.
The stock Subaru Liberty/Legacy Y-pipe (headers) doesn’t fit the EA81 style chassis and gearbox crossmember very well. To get it to fit here’s what we had to do:

Cut the left pipe in two places. First the front part just after it makes it first turn from the heads. Second the part between the second band and the catalytic converter. Both needed a approximately 10mm cut out. The right side of the Y-pipe also needed a slit in it to allow the pipe to bend around to make up for this gap that was just cut out.

Next we bolted it into position and held it while spot welding it back together. You can’t weld right the way round a exhaust pipe under a car so you need to tack it in a few places to get the angles right then pull it out and finish the job. This is exactly what we done. We found when we cut the left side of the Y-pipe we took too much out. So we got another length of pipe and cut a slit in it length wise , this then stretched out and slotted over the gap. This was welded in place when we were tacking it together under the car.

Exhuast for EJ22 Swap / Conversion in BrumbyExhuast for EJ22 Swap / Conversion in Brumby

The important part here was to get the catalytic converter rear outlet pipe right in the middle of the original exhaust arch in the gearbox crossmember. We then measured and cut my old 2″ straight through exhaust pipe and muffler to fit the new Y-pipe. This worked out very well. But you will most likely be starting off with a stock exhaust. You can either get the angles and straight pipe you need plus a muffler and weld it together. Or you can take the car to an exhaust shop. Just be warned, it is very loud when there is no pipe bolted on after the exhaust and you can also get heat build up under the car which may light something on fire if sitting still for too long. Best bet would be get the car on a trailer and tow it to a shop.

Also remember that if there is a leak before the catalytic converter you may experience engine problems as the O2 sensor needs perfect exhaust out of the heads. Otherwise it will give your car a wrong fuel/air mix. I also needed to cut out a small hole in the engine crossmember to clear then O2 sensor.

Exhuast for EJ22 Swap / Conversion in BrumbyExhuast for EJ22 Swap / Conversion in Brumby


I bought my first Subaru back in 2005, it was a 89 Brumby, flair red. I lifted it, fitted Kumho 27″ MT’s. After a while I swapped the dual carb EA81 it had with an EJ22 bolted on a custom gearbox which used EJ D/R casing, EA82 5sp low range and an RX centre locking diff. Once I sold the Brumby I got a 83 Leone. Converted it to 4WD, put the Kumho’s on it, added a 5sp and drove it like I stole it. I then upgraded to a 99 Outback. It was hail damaged so I repaired it myself. I fitted it out with some storage and a mattress. I now have a 87 Brumby that I’ve resprayed with two pack urethane in Waratah Red. I am planning to fit an EJ with PT gearbox and a little bit of lift. It’s another project in progress.

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March 2nd, 2007 by Phizinza
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