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diy pipe bending
« on: April 13, 2010, 02:34:45 PM »
I've tried a few different things when it comes to pipe bending and I'd though I'd put it all together here.

Our home made 2" draw bender, which takes ages to bend pipe but does a great job, note that it is using a deep 40mm die.

three different pipe sizes bent with out home made bender, 2mm wall, 3.2mm wall and 4mm wall, all 40nb

I then bought a 16ton cheap bender that came with shallow dies, this is the difference between using the shallow die and the deep die in the 16ton bender, bending 3.2mm wall 40nb pipe

this is 2.5" exhaust pipe that I tried bending using the 50mm die, it just squeezed into the die, I believe the die's size had to do with the nb (nominal bore) aka id (internal diameter) of the pipe being bent.  I also filled(packed hard) this with wet sand to help stop it kinking, but as you can see this failed.

for the exhaust bends I've ordered a pre made 2.5" doughnut instead of trying to bend my own, as even with a deep die I don't think the exhaust will bend in one of these style benders.
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