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1999 SF Forester
« on: February 04, 2019, 10:36:10 PM »
So my love affair with Subarus is continuing with a Subaru Forester SF Limited 1999.

The engine is in great shape and was previously owned by a Woman for over 16 years then another bloke and now who sold it as he purchased a new Landcruiser. :D

Timing belt tensioners and pulleys were done 30,000km ago but not the water pump :scratch: So might look at replacing that as well. The clutch was also replaced 30,000km ago and seems to be ok. The gearbox has been replaced at some stage as I spotted the wrecker's markings on it.

I noticed that both heads have been replaced with either reconditioned ones or new ones?

So all I have done to it is put roof racks and a roof basket on and a camera for recording when I get offroad.

In the near future, I will be getting a 2" lift thinking both body and strut spacers from the subi oz lift place. I will also be looking into doing work on the Gearbox and Diff. I need to do more research as reading all the different things about ratios 50/50  10/90  and DCCM, LSD very confusing for me. If anyone knows the ins and outs let me know it would be much appreciated. I just want to go out on the beach and 4wding in an Awd lol

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Re: 1999 SF Forester
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2019, 10:29:41 PM »
Sounds like you've got some plans for it mate!  (ignore my post in your old L's thread!).

Those ratios you talk about are referring to the centre diff output to front/rear.  "Locked" in the centre would actually be 100/100 not 50/50 as it's always referred to.  Locked puts equal power to the front and the rear.  The DCCD (I don't know what this means) is an electronic device that manipulates the centre diff device as to how much power is shared front to rear etc.  I think it has a built in bias of 40:60 front to rear but I could be wrong.

LSD = limited slip diff.  Front, avoid tightly wound up clutch LSDs - they'd be a nightmare to drive in the wet.  Torsten or Helical LSDs work well in the front end.  Get one if the budget allows for it!

Rear, shove what ever you want in there, including options for a locker in an R180 diff.  But you'd have to change the diff ratio in the gearbox to 4.44 to find an R180 that will work with your gearbox - there are literally zero R180s with 4.111:1 diff ratios - which is what your forester runs now.

Low range:  your stock low range is better than the standard EJ25 and EJ22 low range!  Yours is 1.477:1 ratio.  The dodgy one is 1.19:1 ratio.  The best one out there is found in the NA L series 4wd boxes - 1.59:1.  Phiz has done a write up on the conversion process on his home page here.  Very well worth the effort but you need to shave the crown wheel on the diff for the 4.111:1 and even more for the 4.44:1.  Again, the gains offload are well worth the effort!

Centre diff, if not going with the DCCD, look for the 20kg centre diff - hard to find but apparently worth it.  I think they're found in STi boxes - 4.44:1 diff ratio in the same box too.  A mate in the ACT has this 20kg rated centre diff and he loves it.  Yours is the bog standard 5kg unit.  I don't know if you can DIY upgrade these or not.

Mind blown/brain dribbling out of your ear?  Sorry about that :P