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Offroad / Re: Sand Flag needed for upcoming trip
« on: March 21, 2012, 07:40:13 PM »
Thanks for the ideas, fellas and great pic there, Bennie. I've always have a weakness for L's and am currently resisting the urge to buy one. Keep scouring the classifieds for them and stalk people on the road when I see them! Also 'talk' to them in car parks and make comments such as ''aren't you a sweet old darling" etc, at which point my friends turn away and tell me that my Subie obsession has gone a bit far, probably has.

Anyway, back on topic, as I don't have a front bar (not sure I want one either at this point in time - maybe when its older), it has to go on the roof. I think if I use a strong aerial mount and some whip cable it should be pretty good. Might head down to Jaycar and see what they have, if they still do that sort of stuff.  Peake is not a place that you can really race around at top speed, anyway. Would also be detaching it for driving on the road. Week after Easter, can't wait!

Offroad / Sand Flag needed for upcoming trip
« on: March 06, 2012, 05:48:19 PM »
Heading out to Peake for the 2nd time week after Easter for a play in the dunes and am starting to plan things. Last time I went (November) I didn't have a flag, and given the nature of the place and the size of some of the dunes, a flag is really an essential item. My Fozz doesn't have a front bar just roof racks.

Just wondering what methods/materials some of you may have used previously for a roof rack mounted flag. Buying a ready made flag from a 4wd shop would be overkill to put on the roof - far too tall.  My Fozz has Thule aero bars on it - they have a sort of oval profile, if that makes sense.

Let's bounce some ideas...


Offroad / Re: Recovery points on the brumby
« on: January 16, 2012, 07:10:48 PM »
Good topic. I've been thinking a lot about this lately. Have you come up with a solution yet? I am fairly new to offroading in my Forester. Have been doing a little bit here and there, nothing beyond my limits. Recently, I went on a trip to the sand dunes at Peake. The stability control (which you can't turn off) was very annoying. Let's just say that I will be disabling the responsible fuses next time I visit any sand - will post about that next time I go.  I didn't get stuck at all though - maybe I wasn't trying hard enough. Was a good learning trip and I saw gear being used and learnt how to use some, so I now have an idea of what I need. Afterwards, I thought about the issues that could come up with front recoveries with the tie down eyes. Recovering from the rear won't be an issue as I've got a receiver style towbar so I can either use the hitch pin (not sure how safe that really is) or I can use one of those receiver mounted shackle things.

When looking at front recovery options, I came across towhooks from Subaxtreme. These towhooks don't look like they will suit my car, but they might suit yours:

Also, a bridle could be used with a snatch strap to lessen the load between the tie downs:

Just some ideas...

General Subaru / Re: Newbie Chick - Tyre and Sump Guard Questions
« on: November 03, 2011, 09:58:11 PM »
Go and take one for a test drive - you'll love it! I've had it over a year now, fantastic. If I feel in the mood and drive it like a granny, I can get 800km out of a tank in the city. Only thing I don't like is the interior trims. They look nice but they mark and scratch easily if you don't take care. Grrr family members, in particular, my mother and sister who get in with their handbags and scrape them down the glovebox - to me it sounds like nails on a chalkboard as I think about the scratches that will later appear.

Only other issue has been a cracked window trim on the passenger door at the back. The crack just appeared in the trim one day. Have had that repaired under warranty.

While I love this car to death, I've been thinking a lot lately about getting an older Subie as well to tinker around and learn from as there is nothing I can really touch on the Fozz. Maybe an L series. (Have been feeling inspired by one of my friend's recent purchases).

Re sump guard - They are really pricey, but I think its probably a good preventative measure for a novice. If something goes bung, I know I'll be up for big bucks, especially with a diesel. I also drive it for work so need it on the road.

Yeah 215/70/16's really aren't that much bigger - really should go and measure the wheel well properly to see how snug it actually is. Although, from looking at it, it is pretty snug. There would only be about 2cm difference in diameter when going up to a 215/70. Thinking about it, ages ago the tyre guy I usually go to for rotations at Tyrepower was saying Coopers when I asked him about A/T's. I just looked it up and they have a 215/70/16. I might ask when I'm next in there and see what else he's got. But there's no harm shopping around, either.

Thanks for your advice and for listening to my babble (sometimes I go on a bit).

Off to Peake next weekend to try out the sand for the first time. (Baby steps)!

General Subaru / Newbie Chick - Tyre and Sump Guard Questions
« on: November 02, 2011, 04:53:32 PM »
Hi all, new to the forum. Have an MY10 Diesel Forester. While it's my first Subie, I'm certainly not new to them. I dearly love older subies, so I'm certainly not one of those newer model snobs you see strutting around. I'm not afraid to get my car dirty, and I know it loves it! I spent my mid teens hanging out with my boyfriend in his MY wagon and one of his mates had a Brumby. Some of the best times!

I have to say that the Diesel is the bees knees, one torquey bitch. Is torquey a word? It has been great off road so far, not that my offroading experiences so far have been anywhere near as impressive as some of the exploits here. I want to improve that with some A/T tyres. Only problem is, with the stock Bridgestones being 215/65/16's I am rather limited for options as bugger all A/T's are made in that size. The spare wheel well is also very tight, which also doesn't help. (At least the well is full size unlike the current Outback - major bugbear of a lot of people who want to buy that model). Have been researching tyres for a while, and looks like Yokohama Geolandar A/T's seem to be pretty much the only option. Has anyone had experience with these?

Also on my list is a sump guard. The current model Foresters (don't know about previous versions) have the flimsiest piece of plastic I have ever seen underneath the sump. My guess is that I hit something solid or bottom out in sand hard enough or fast enough is that it will rip straight off. I have looked at Subaextreme online and am thinking about sourcing one through them. They make one that fits the Diesel. Are these pretty easy to fit and are they sturdy enough? Thoughts? I don't know if there are other places to get these or if there is someone local in Adelaide that does them?

DieselFozz  :)

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