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97 EJ25 DOHC Outback Head Gasket Repair

If you’re suffering from losing coolant or coolant mixed into the oil then most likely you have a leaking head gasket. In this case the coolant loss was pretty minimal, about 5 litres over 800km. The car had been looked over by a mechanic and had all the hoses and clamps replaced. But it still was losing coolant. From what I could see it was losing a fair bit of coolant out of the overflow… Read More

April 7th, 2014 by Phizinza
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Driveshaft (or sometimes known as Axle) removal, re-booting, replacement

*Taken from one of my posts on USMB* Here are some quick simple instructions, a FSM would be much better to follow. Jack up one front side of the car. Take the wheel off and then undo the 36mm axle nut. It’s normally bloody tight on there and needs to be, use a 36mm socket and breaker bar to get it off, you might need to stand on the breaker bar. You can also use… Read More

December 29th, 2009 by Phizinza
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Timing Belt Check and Replacement for EA82

Written by Miles Fox Timing Belt Check and Adjustment The Timing Belts can be Visually inspected and Adjusted by removing the outer belt covers and the tensioner access plugs. To remove the outer belt covers, use a 10mm ΒΌ” drive socket and remove the 3 bolts from both the left and right covers. The bolts thread into a brass fitting molded into the plastic. Be careful not to apply too much torque as it can… Read More

July 27th, 2008 by Phizinza
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